Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry *cough* Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

Hum, this year, this statement brought new meaning to the O'Brien's Open House Christmas Day fest.

Yuletide Caroles being sung by the fire...

I never cook turkey for Christmas. I never cook turkey in the oven. The one time I attempt to change up our Christmas is the last time I will ever add a bird to the mix.  So, this is how our Christmas after church began.  My oven blazing afire from the turkey juices I sloshed out of the pan while removing the cooked bird.  Thankfully this happened while we were home and not away.  Honestly, this wouldn't have happened if I didn't forcefully grab the pan to pull it out.  Who knew liquid would still be there after that turkey baked for 3 hours?  Who knew I spilled it before I turned the oven to 400* for the crab appetizers?

My house was so filled with smoke and fumes, we had to put a huge industrial fan facing out the dining room window- opposite side of the house from the kitchen, trying to clear the air to get near the blaze.

It gets better.  My family began to arrive and from the back porch I could hear my cousins CHOKING up to the house.  CHOKING.  "What the hell is that?"  "Did someone call 911?"  "We're going to eat HERE?"

OMG, we stunk like burnt turkey.  We acted like my kids- "Whaa, duh."

"Anyone want a beer?"  We went with it.  Whatever.  We drank and laughed and ate smoked crab appetizer and sang 'Turkey burning from an open fire'. 

It was indeed a Merry Christmas!

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