Housewife Rehab

The Bissell vs The Hoover

Too much fun.
This weekend was a bit of "old times", pure relaxation, and some experimenting!

I was asked to be a part of girls night out Friday.  Being with my great friend is enough to clear out my schedule to get a chance to catch up. 

But, this was different.  She asked me to join her and some co-workers to hookah it up.  Really?!  I know nothing about hookah except it looks as though it would be a good vessel for, well, not Virginia Slims.

Why not try?  Especially since it involved eating Moroccan food.  I will do anything to have someone enjoy Moroccan food with me- even if it involves some wacky tobacky...

Wacky alright.  We chose double apple flavor stuff.  It took 15 minutes to prepare two vessels.  Enough time for us to enjoy our food... and drinks.  They ushered us outside (50 belowish) to enjoy the smoke. 

The hookah was more like a Bissell vacuum hose connected to a bizarre water ball that you had to SUCK and SUCK to get any kind of double apple smoke to come out. The two who are smokers gagged and coughed, while the nonsmokers puffed effortlessly.  Seriously, too freakin' funny.

I personally went for the double apple cool menthol ultra slims path followed by a Yuengling chaser.  It felt more like a... Hoover.

This was a fun night out.  I met 2 new friends and had a great time with my FFfL (Florida friend for life) and experimented with a new way to enjoy an apple...

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