Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eisenia Fetida

Most families have cats, dogs, fish hanging out in the house.
We had the 90 gallon fish tank. We even had Shell Turtlestein for a while. We have the cat. We also have hiding in the laundry room, Sophie's science experiment gone multiple.

Preparing bananas for the experiment
Not pets, per say. We can't recognize any of them by name, nor would they respond if we stood there calling for one. That aside, our worms are the coolest thing ever brought into our house for us to learn, watch, benefit from and well, breed.
More than 5? 10? 15? Ahh, who knew...
It started with 30 worms distributed in 3 coffee containers. Sophie was to measure weekly how much soil was tilled by 5, 10 and 15 worms. We fed them leftover scraps from vegetables and fruits, as well as grass, newspaper and lint from the dryer.
The experiment lasted two months. We got them in October, had them sitting on top of the fridge; dump, measure, feed. This became a habit we couldn't throw out once the project was graded... so, we continued through the new year.
What was quiet interesting is that our original 30 became a gazillion shoved into 3 coffee cans. We had to upgrade! Hence, our investment in the Can-O-Worms. Joy, I tell you, joy! Our very own vermicomposting factory!
Prep for the move from Can-O-Coffee to Can-O-Worms
These things are God's gift to the environment. They recycle and compost "food from the earth" to give us beautiful soil and "tea". Our plants have benefited immensely from the fertilized casings that comes out of the farm. This year, we enjoyed 3 tomatoes, 4 peppers, an abundant amount of basil and a cantaloupe that sprouted in the bin. Last summer, we embraced one rotten tomato.
This may look gross, but, really- it's the coolest thing ever!
Oh, it's here!! Information has been sent home to start coming up with ideas for this years Science Project! Wonder what we'll get, I mean, learn about this time!!

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